Dreams and wishes Programs

Every child should be able to cherish and experience positive childhood memories and granting their dreams and wishes will assist in developing and providing those positive memories.

Building positive family connections

Bond and preserve childhood memories

Memories obtained through community involvement create stronger family and community bonds.

Our Programs

santa's dream

The Santa’s Dream Program is provided primarily to  children residing in homeless/family/abuse shelters. Children are asked to write a  wish list to Santa. Dreams & Wishes answers their letters to Santa and fills their toy requests identified in their letters. Gifts are wrapped and delivered to the shelters several days prior to Christmas Eve and Shelter Staff place the gift bags under the tree for the children to open on Christmas morning

Dreams and wishes


Children and their parent/caregivers are invited to experience the magic of the holidays by participating in Santa’s Magical Holiday Breakfast. Participants are treated to a nutritious breakfast, entertainment; visit with Santa and a hand selected, age appropriate, non violent toy.

Dreams and Wishes magical holiday breakfast

Comfort Dream Bags

Comfort Dream Bags each contain a new pair of pajamas, a book, toiletries and a stuffed animal which are provided to the shelter for distribution to families arriving at the shelters.


The Birthday Wishes Program  aims  to provide children residing in the community (with their natural and/or kin family) and who meet Dreams & Wishes criteria with the opportunity to experience a magical Birthday Celebration.

Each child referred to the program will receive  everything needed to host an at-home birthday party along with a hand selected Birthday gift for child. It is hoped that each child referred to this program will be able to participate in a meaningful activity with their parent/caregiver and enhance and strengthen their relationship with their peers.


Dreams & Wishes organizes Un-Birthday Parties for those children residing in local shelters. Participants are provided with the opportunity to partake in a Birthday Party Celebration complete with a Pizza Party, loot bags, birthday gifts, entertainment and cake.


Financial Donations

Non violent toys for all ages

Christmas Wrapping Paper

Dream Makers to adopt wish lists

Stuffed Animals (for Santa's magical holiday breakfast)

Chocolate Calendars (for Santa's magical holiday breakfast)

Colouring books and crayons

Books for all ages

pjs for all ages

Teen boy and girl items such as toiletries and gift sets

Gift Cards

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