Covid 19

Covid 19 Adaptations

Dear Dream Makers,  

We’d like to thank you for your continued support and commitment to your community and to  our programs. We would not be able to operate if it was not for your continued commitment and  support.  

Your Community, The Friends of Dreams & Wishes Children’s Charity continue to impact and  create change in a World that, now more than ever, certainly needs the help and these bright  moments.  

The Dreams & Wishes Team would like to wish you all good health and ongoing safety. Our  hearts go out to anyone who has been impacted by this unprecedented global pandemic.    

We are currently in the process of reimagining our “Santa’s Dream Program” - this is our popular  Christmas Wish List program. You have been generously supporting and participating in, for at  least a portion of, the past twelve years we’ve been in operation. We continue to work with some  of the most vulnerable and deserving in our community; children and their mothers currently in  family shelters across the Durham Region now dealing with additional financial and social  stresses that have compounded their already tragic stories.  

We have devised a new model for the delivery of this program and in a time when we all feel a  lack of control and ability to make an impact, the new “Santa’s Dream Program” checks off all  the boxes. It ensures that our volunteers and donors are safe and we are able to follow all of the  mandated health restrictions, it ensures that we continue to meet the needs of the community and it’s spectacular and is certain to bring countless smiles during the Holiday Season!    

What you can do? 

Make a financial donation to Dreams and Wishes Children’s Charity OR Choose your own Virtual Gift or Holiday Package

Donate Here

We have a new 'virtual' store here where you can donate cash or select virtual toys and gifts for the children. Please note that your selection of gifts, the cash equivalent will be used to purchase similar items on the children's wish list - a cash tax receipt will be provided for both types of donations.

Adopt a child, sibling group or family and create your own Holiday Spectacular with a designated recipient(s)

If you are interested in Adopting a child, sibling group or family with a more direct involvement and connection to your donor family, please, as in previous years forward to me the following information.  

1) Adopt a full or partial wish list?  

2) Number of wish lists you would like 

3) Whether you are looking at adopting a sibling group 

4) Location of shelter you would like to adopt from - if you don't make a selection, we will  choose a child for you from any participating shelter that meets your criteria.  

5) Age preference of the children you would like  

Please also send me the following:  

Your name, address, telephone, and email contact. 


How can I get my donation to Dreams & Wishes?   

  1. We can provide you with an address where you can mail your Gift Cards 
  2. Go to our website and make somebody’s Holiday Season magical by making a virtual gift selection through our Virtual Gift options 


Can I receive a tax receipt? 



This feels different!  

This is a very different approach from our historical “Santa’s Dream Program”. Like many  organizations and likely in your own personal life, we’re having to pivot here to make things  work. But, different doesn’t have to be bad and we believe that in this case we can still achieve  awesome. We recognize that moments like these, remind us that we’re all connected. We’re  called upon to be our best selves, with patience, understanding, love and compassion. Let’s make  Dreams and Wishes’ Holiday Campaign 2020 something to remember for all of the best reasons.   I can absolutely assure you that Dreams & Wishes remains fully committed to doing everything  we can to support the families of this community on your behalf.  

  We wish you nothing but the best of health and happiness.  

  May All Your Dreams & Wishes Come True! 

Denise Stahl 

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